Our reputation depends upon quality of delivery. We partner with the very best sales professionals and technology companies...

"Livewire have been critical to our success in scaling one of the fastest growing software sales teams in EMEA. Not just a recruiter, a trusted business partner. Livewire went to great lengths to truly understand our hiring profile and needs, and then present only candidates that truly matched that profile. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Joe, client, December 2015

“Sincere empathy and that “touch of class” you add to each of your efforts”

I have not encountered a better advocate to support searching for the next great opportunity

Eleanor-Jo and the Livewire team are true professionals. Many in this industry take the role of brokers – simply matching buyers and sellers. This team goes well beyond, taking the time to truly understand their clients – making for a much more personal and tailored engagement. The value of this methodology is quickly realised as it becomes apparent just how much faith and reliance the senior leadership at talent seeking companies put into their business with Livewire. I have not encountered a better advocate to support searching for the next great opportunity, and it is quite evident that the leading technology firms feel similarly about their search for great talent.

My utmost appreciation for all of your support and guidance these last few weeks. Your communication skills and understanding of your customer (on both sides) is tremendous; however, what really sets you apart is your sincere empathy and that “touch of class” you add to each of your efforts. It is that intangible element that all individuals and firms have to go from good to great – and you have it.

Matt, Sales Pro, March 2014

“Recruiting is not only my number one priority, it is my number one challenge.”

What I value most about Livewire, is their true commitment to understanding our hiring needs.

As a Sales Manager tasked with relocating overseas to build an international sales team from scratch, recruiting is not only my number one priority, it is my number one challenge. Livewire has been equally as dedicated to building our team including taking calls at all hours to accommodate our travel.

What I value most about Livewire, is their true commitment to understanding our hiring needs. Livewire worked very hard to understand our hiring profile, source candidates uniquely and creatively that met this and qualify them prejudicially (face-to-face) to ensure the best and most efficient use of our time.

While this might seem obvious, it has been surprisingly difficult to find any other recruiters who have been patient with our schedules and stringent requirements. In the same time that other recruiters have been caught falsifying CV's, misrepresenting employment status and trying to sell us on candidates simply because our competitors were interviewing them, Livewire has ethically put forth candidates that we have repeatedly hired. In fact, 4/5 hires on the EMEA Sales team have come from Livewire.

Simply put, I've yet to find a recruiter that can asses talent and not just CV's to the quality of Livewire. Whenever Livewire has a new client, they instantly go to the top of my list.

Lee, Client, April 2013

“Livewire set a new standard in recruitment”

Hard act to follow; thank you.

Livewire set a new standard in recruitment; if a curriculum had to be taught, you guys would be the governing body....

Specifically I would like to thank Eleanor Jo and Paul Towse. From an early stage it became clear that their commitment and attention to detail would set a new benchmark in my expectations from a recruiter. Very thorough, consultative and personable, honest and ethical whilst being relentless and determined in their pursuit to fulfil the expectations of all parties.

Hard act to follow; thank you.

Josh, Sales Pro, March 2013

“Livewire Recruitment is a firm like none other”

Growing up my father used to say to me "Son, you need a few things in this life to succeed: a great lawyer, a great doctor, a great mechanic and a great recruiter"....finally, after many years of searching I found that final element.

Livewire Recruitment is a firm like none other I've come across in my many years in the IT industry.  Their level of professionalism and candidate talent is top-notch.  They take the time to walk their clients (in this case they were helping us fill out our staff) through their recruitment-cycle process ensuring to map appropriate candidates to our unique needs.  Livewire spent an impressive amount of time in their due diligence on our company, which offered them an even-deeper level understanding of the "profile" that would succeed at our firm.  To this end, we have hired over a half-dozen Livewire candidates, each of which has been a seamless fit into our organization and have seen immediate success.  This is wildly disproportional when compared to the average IT recruitment firm.  Livewire is no average firm.  From the owners to the staff, everyone at Livewire acts as if they are part of our company - in fact it often feels like they are natural extension of our team.  That may be the ultimate compliment I can offer: they are the dictionary definition of a business "partner."

It took a while Dad, but I've completed the cycle.  Thank you Livewire.


Brian, Client, October 2012

“I cannot thank you enough!”

I cannot speak highly enough of the quality and thoroughness of your work.

I cannot thank you enough for the inordinate amount of time you have invested in me over the past couple of months. 

You have all been so committed to my job search and given me some fantastic advice and guidance throughout. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality and thoroughness of your work, and everybody I have met along the way also shares the same opinion.

If there is anything I can do in return in the way of recommendations etc then please let me know, I would be more than happy to do so.

Dave, Sales Pro, September 2012

“Simply phenomenal!”

If I was to undertake this process again, I would immediately call the Livewire team

As a Sales Professional and Director, I have worked with a number of Recruitment companies and individual Head-hunters over the years, typically in conjunction with HR, in evaluating personnel for Sales roles and hiring. More recently, I left my employer of many years seeking a new challenge – the brief to a number of known Head-hunters was broad; ‘I am looking to join an innovative, exciting, leading-edge technology company with a willingness to succeed, grow rapidly and become recognised as industry leaders in their pursuit of excellence..’ The net was cast relatively wide. Without question, the Recruitment organisation that were able to best understand my ambition and cultural fit to an organisation was Livewire.

Eleanor-Jo, Paul and Dan invested a lot of time with me, face-to-face, mapping out my skills, weaknesses, track record and professional motivation against, not only their clients, but the global technology marketplace. Following their own due diligence and exploration of potential candidates, we focused on a short-list of companies whose profile, ambition and ethos best matched my own. I recently joined one of the companies in question and have never been more excited about kick-starting my career. If I was to undertake this process again, I would immediately call the Livewire team – they will work hard at the right levels, in the right technology markets, to ensure that you are best-placed to be successful in the company that most excites you.

Pete, Sales Pro, August 2012

“Simply phenomenal!”

What can I say about Eleanor-Jo and the team at Livewire? Simple: phenomenal.

Instead of feeling like a shiny new car that the salesman is desperately trying to sell to any company so they can receive commission, the team at Livewire take the time to meet you, go through a comprehensive process where they can gain an insight into your motivations and ambitions and then work with you to find a place where you can thrive and realise your potential.

Sometimes (and rightly I might add), recruitment consultants get a bad reputation. Livewire has restored my faith in the industry. Stop looking at other recruiters – just work with the best.

James, Sales Pro, July 2012

“Livewire Recruitment are like gold dust!”

As a sales person in the IT industry, finding and working with a recruitment company that truly want to understand you and your career aspirations is like gold-dust...

And Livewire Recruitment did just that throughout my engagement and placement process.

Eleanor-Jo spent time with me talking through my requirements, my desires, the things I did want and importantly the things I didn’t want for the next step in my career. Her support came with a candid honesty, and clear emphasis on my success and what needed to happen to get me there.

Communication was regular and when promised and without that coaching, success would have been so much harder to achieve. Her understanding of all elements of the hiring process and the proposed role came from a deep and clear understanding of the organisations she works with. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Livewire during what is a stressful and emotional time, and I would highly recommend anyone seeking their next role to engage with them openly and now!

Vicky, Sales Pro, March 2012

“Possibly the best recruiter in the world”

If a famous Danish lager made recruitment consultants…you are quite possibly the best recruiter in the world!

When I decided to engage with a recruitment firm a friend recommended you and said that you were really very good and completely focused on finding the correct openings for the right candidate. After working closely with you I would agree wholeheartedly. You’re really dedicated, professional and – most importantly from my point of view – you only put forward people I was interested in. There was no pressure to take interviews just to get a placement. It soon became very obvious that you are just as well rated by other organisations and individuals you work on behalf of.

I have already recommended you to a number of vendors and partners, which I believe says it all.

James, Sales Pro, October 2011 

“Marriages made in heaven”

Recruiting the right person or team of people is one of the biggest decisions someone in management has to make, and getting it right or wrong will always have a major impact on the success of your business.

And what separates Livewire from the vast majority of those trying to convince you that they have right person? Because Livewire is not simply about filling a vacancy, Livewire is about understanding you and your candidates; what makes you both tick, and more than anything else about ensuring that, as a matchmaker, they deliver “marriages made in heaven”.

Why Livewire? Because to them your success is their success. 

Calum, Client, May 2011

“Professional and enjoyable to work with”

I’d like to thank you for spending the time to clearly and succinctly explain the reasoning behind the people you put forward to me, and also for delivering a swift response to further actions with those candidates.

You’ve been both professional and enjoyable to work with – please do make sure to continue your up-beat attitude towards work. 

Rob, Client, March 2011

“The hardest-working recruiter”

After 20 years in the IT industry I consider you to be the hardest working recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of engaging.

Highly personable and always on your side, I have no hesitation in recommending you. Excellent.

Simon, Sales Pro, May 2011

“I'd strongly recommend you consider Livewire Recruitment if you're hiring, or looking to be hired”

People don't often associate words like 'humility' and 'integrity' when describing recruitment consultants...

Eleanor-Jo has both traits in abundance. She's actually a consultant... i.e., she asked the right questions and some more challenging ones, she played back her understanding, she worked with me to create the right brief leveraging both of our experiences, and she then presented a small number of great options that truly matched the brief. She's also super responsive and good fun. I'd strongly recommend you consider Livewire Recruitment if you're hiring, or looking to be hired.

thanks for all your help EJC :-)

James, Sales Pro, November 2011

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Livewire in an executive search as a candidate or hiring company”

I was contacted by a former colleague who told me about a new exciting and quality recruitment practice called Livewire.

Once contacted by Livewire I was interviewed and informed of a number of executive opportunities. Livewire had already researched my career history and experience and the roles were both interesting enough to explore further. Throughout the recruitment process Livewire remained proactive to my questions and brought clarity to the hiring managers needs and priorities. I landed my preferred role of those found by Livewire and now I have started, remain convinced they helped me get the job and ensure it was a good fit for me and my employer.

Brian, Sales Pro, November 2011

“It is a pleasure to work with someone with such a strong knowledge of the UK enterprise software market like Eleanor Jo”

Eleanor Jo is the consummate professional who listens to your requirements and delivers candidates of the highest caliber. She is incredibly diligent and makes herself available at all hours to ensure you find and hire the right candidate for your business. I would highly recommend Livewire  as a true partner to anyone looking to recruit top notch IT professionals.

Mark, Client, November 2011

“Working with Jo and Dan I always knew they were putting me in front of the right people for my career”

From the very first meeting I knew they were keen to understand what really made me tick and importantly who I was going to tick all of the right boxes for.

At no point did I feel I was going to be wheeled out in front of prospective employers on the off chance of impressing and with those I did meet I knew instantly that these would be the right companies for me. I managed to secure a role following only a short time looking in the market and am thoroughly happy and already making great headway within my new firm. I would recommend Livewire Recruitment and Dan and Jo to anyone looking to find the right next step. 

Chris, Sales Pro, January 2012

“Livewire Recruitment have been a breath of fresh air”

"In my years as a business professional I have endured many challenges when working with the recruitment market, both as a candidate and as an employer"

Their commitment to both their clients and candidates is of the highest standards. The levels of support and guidance during an intensive interview process was nothing short of first class. Their thoroughness and dedication to making sure the employer and candidate are a perfect match is truly refreshing.  I’ve endured many sub-standard agencies in my career to date, Livewire are without doubt the most pleasurable and professional experience I have had and I cannot recommend their services highly enough, whether you are a sales professional looking for the next big career step, or an employer looking for high calibre people. Livewire are a shining beacon of how recruitment should be done in a market where so many do it badly.

Richard, Sales Pro, January 2012