Our reputation depends upon quality of delivery. We partner with the very best sales professionals and technology companies...

Understanding your drivers

We’re typically engaged at VP and sales director level. Because our clients carry quotas, we recognise that quickly finding the right talent is intrinsically linked to their individual success as well as to that of the business. IT software and service sales is an area where we’ve worked on the inside, and we’re razor-sharp when it comes to helping identify the real requirements that map on to business need.


As our case studies and testimonials reflect, Livewire will put forward people for interview that you would not otherwise meet. Without exception, they’ll be switched-on to the opportunity, thoroughly prepared and hungry for success. They’ll also have the cultural fit that will allow them to assimilate themselves into your organisation and start delivering straight away.

Occasionally, we’ll throw you a wild card where someone’s specific sector experience might not be a perfect match. In these cases, our process will have pinpointed other outstanding abilities that we believe will deliver for you.


From a sales professional’s perspective, the highest potential earnings tend to come from new business. The candidates we work with typically have the experience, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in new markets and emerging technologies, whether as part of a larger organisation or helping a successful start-up establish a presence in the UK and EMEA.

Next level recruitment

Because of the high level of trust we build up, we’re often asked to advise on setting goals and strategies for new hires, and for improving the efficiency of the interview process. In situations where we’ve been given privileged access to succession planning discussions, we’re also able to fill sales gaps fast when key people leave.