Our reputation depends upon quality of delivery. We partner with the very best sales professionals and technology companies...

Who we represent

The sales professionals that approach Livewire are different because many wouldn’t normally consider using a recruitment consultancy; they’re either headhunted or rely on their own networks. They’re often at the top of their game and looking for earning potential of £200K+.

Start point

Our start point is an extensive one-to-one interview. It’s vital that we assess skill set, achievements and sales methodology but also have an opportunity to discover talent that may not immediately be obvious on paper. There are no exceptions to this part of the process. We’re good at it, we know it works, and it’s essential to establishing a strong two-way rapport and mutual trust.

Our commitment

We’ll work as your partner opening doors in target businesses, keeping you constantly informed, preparing and coaching you through the interview process. We’ll focus on the outcome and package you want, ensuring your commitment to Livewire is reciprocated. We have a high success rate of getting people where they want to be, as we’ll happily demonstrate.

On-going relationship

As you settle in, we’ll want to hear how you’re doing and how things are progressing for you. While your feedback will help continually improve our service, we want you to have a great experience that will make you happy to champion us. You’ll have an exclusive option to be a ‘Livewire member’, whose opinions we trust and to whom we pay generous finders’ fees for helping us identify exceptional individuals and opportunities for new business.