Unicorns are real

15th December 2015

Technology is no longer about antiquated systems or keeping the lights on, it is vital to businesses the world over; innovation and disruption are the name of the game.

Unicorns are real

This is solidified by the number of our clients on the Unicorn list, as Fortune say, we are living in ‘the age of the Unicorn’. These organisations were dubbed with this title as once the idea of privately owned company worth $1b was the stuff of dreams. This group is made up of innovative tech companies, concepts of which weren’t even considered 10 years ago.

The list comprised of roughly 80 companies in Jan ’15 but it has already grown by over 170% this year. These companies have secured their own destinies with prestigious financial backing, exceptional products and the best people out there.

Livewire would like to congratulate all of our clients on the list and those aspiring to this goal. Long live the age of the Unicorn!  

Unicorns are real
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