Leicester’s winning mentality

6th May 2016

This year’s story of sporting glory definitely sits firmly with Leicester City’s Premier League success. They are a team; with one of the lowest wage bills in the league, who last year finished in 14th position and had to endure a summer of turmoil off the pitch resulting in a change of management and arrival of “the tinker man”, Claudio Ranieri.

Leicester’s winning mentality

But after 36 games and having started the season at 5,000 – 1 to win, they’ve reached the unthinkable!  They have become everyone’s second team, unless you are a spurs fan. Even those who haven’t found a Foxes shaped space in their heart have looked on in awe. Their success hasn’t just been as a series of individuals but as a collective, one whole – all the way to the fans.

I have actually sat next to the Leicester fans at a game at White Heart lane. I recall a young boy, he can’t have been more than 3 and was intently watching the game in his dad’s arms. And the noise from their fans, it was clear that their passion was more visible and effective than that of their “big four” rivals.

Understandably, it took a long time before the “experts” as well as general football public really believed Leicester could maximise on their early season form to actually win the league. One of the biggest reasons for the doubt was a question around their mental strength to cope with being in such a heady position. Almost all those same players had coped with the threat of relegation the previous season, but very few had experience at winning titles.

So here is a question to test the keenest of football knowledge.

Everyone has now heard of Ranieri, Vardy and Mahrez, but who is Ken Way?

For those of you that have joined the dots it won’t come as a surprise to hear that Ken is the Mental Performance Coach at Leicester who works with Ranieri and wider supporting staff that shouldn’t be forgotten in the midst of this story. That strength of mind doesn’t just happen. It is developed, coached and supported by people as elite in their field as the players on the pitch.

The links between sport and business are nothing new but this serves as a strong reminder of what is achievable against the odds, with a great team pulling together to exceed the sum of the parts.   

So we ask you: Who forms your support team and what strategies do you use to ensure your peak performance? When did you last invest in your mental strength and conditioning? How far could you excel yourself with a different approach and strategy? Who is your fan base driving you forward?

Rather than this simply being a thought provocation exercise, here at Livewire we are actually offering you a unique opportunity to be part of the hype and Leicester 2016 experience, something all experts are saying will be talked about for the next 50 years.

This summer, Livewire are really excited to launch our first in a series of NLP courses that will be hosted by Ken Way.  It will be an all-inclusive two-day course hosted by Livewire, in a beautiful Surrey location. Further details including prices will be available on request.

To be entered into the prize draw to win a ticket to this event please “follow” us on LinkedIn (or “like” this post, if you already follow us) between 6th May and 20th May. The winner will be announced on the 23rd May!

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Leicester’s winning mentality
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