We connect you

Livewire connect exceptional talent with high profile technology vendors. A perfect fusion of vision, culture, expectation and aspiration.

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Our approach

Our candidates are exceptional, extraordinary talents in their field and have the power to succeed. We match these individuals with unique opportunities.

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The Livewire spark

Our highly driven team are dedicated to nurturing this power. With unrivalled expertise in IT recruitment and software sales environments, our hard work delivers first class results.

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The force

We understand this exceptional talent, we know how
it thinks and how it works. We're able to recognise
the very best and place it with the right opportunity.

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Why choose Livewire

We'll fuse your business with talent you simply won't find elsewhere. We'll represent you honestly, passionately and ethically, becoming ambassadors for your brand.

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Call: +44 798 444 5285

Email: info@livewirerecruitment.co.uk

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